Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another Creative Spark

I so love when the visions happen ... in a daydream-like state ... when I stare off in a daze ... I see things ... courtesy of my minds eye. I can actually visualize the finished object ... and then I proceed to creating it.

During this recent barrage of 3Ds ... I stumbled onto another related idea ... and am now being bombarded with even more ideas!

I love candles ... always have a supply on hand ... aromatherapy in conjunction with bead or stitching therapy ... helps to keep me sane when I escape the real world! Dollarama has a great line of these that come in small glass jars. One candle lasts for days!

Pack rat that I am ... I save the spent jars ... thinking that I can recycle them into something else ... and have in past created tops for them in SRE and CQ ... given as gifts ...even sold some.

Here's one idea that started with the vision - thing ... and am now working on the third one!
The second has smaller gold-winged butterflies ... but 5 instead of 4.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Gorgeousness! Great way to recycle pretty little candle holders that serve no purpose after the candle is used up. I could 'see' these with a pincushion top too!

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