Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So ... 20 Years Later ...

I ask myself ... where did the time go?

Blogger just erased the whole message I so carefully composed ... I'm now tired and have a headache ... so will try this again in the AM!

Melanie seleceted the winners for me tonight ... and they are:

Gerry ... and Gail M. !

Congrats ladies!

Please forward your snail info to !

Hugs ... Marie


black bear cabin said...

doh! i hate when that happens :(
congrats to Gerry and Gail :)

GailM. said...

Yippee, that's me. I won. You know, I'm very lucky at these things.

Marie Alton said...

Hi Lisa ... I do indeed hate when that happens! I was not in the mood to retype the whole thing ... as it kinda left my brain after I typed it. Oh well ...

Gail M ... Yes dearie ... that's you! Please forward me your snail address. I take it you're away from home just now ... so guessing if I sent it there you wouldn't see it for a while?! Let me know.

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