Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sparkle & Spin

I'm waiting patiently to hear from the editor of A Needle Pulling Thread as to whether she can squeeze me in to the Festive 2010 issue ... to share my new creations with the world!

But ... I am working on other plans for them too ... like local classes and our annual Artfest!

I found a really cool bead shop ... just around the corner from me! I have been chatting with Beth ... the owner ... and she is very interested in having me teach some classes there! She's away on a vacation just now ... and will be back next week ... so we'll get together then.

I know you've all been wondering just what the heck I've been up to ... and I finally have some pics ... thanks to Mel and her new camera!

Sparkle & Spin ... that's what I've dubbed this line ... beads & wire worked together to create 3D ornaments ... but just how they are created is what's really new ... I don't think it's been done before (mind you I don't follow all the mags out there ... just going on what my mind has generated!)

I do think that I will go ahead with a pattern series ... as each of these unique pieces are sure to find a following!

For now I am sharing a sneak peek ... one of my faves ... and will keep you posted on what happens next!


Linda H said...

Wow! Very nice - can't wait to see more!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wow! Spectacular ornie Marie. You were right when you said that you were working on something special. Can't wait to see in person next time we connect!

Diane said...

I like your new invention! I found that new bead shop too, I'm close enough to walk to it! I found it had a really nice reasonably priced selection.

black bear cabin said...


Marie Alton said...

Thanks everyone!
Now ya see ... I'm thinking beyond simply Christmas here ... they are far too wonderful to hide away in a box for 11 or more months!

Think in terms of suncatchers ... car mirror dangly things ... that kinda thing!

Each one is different ... and to date I'm up to 25 ... with more ideas waiting their turn to be created!

The cool part ... is that the construction is easier than it looks ... hence my contemplation for a pattern series ... so that I can share them with the masses!

Regardless of whether ANPT can squeeze them into the next issue ... I plan to proceed ... as this it the quiet time of the year at the store ... which in turn affords me more personal creative space!

Stay tuned kids!

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