Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter !

It's a glorious spring day here ... just a perfect Easter! Hope you all have a great day!

Keeping very busy as I'm still cranking out these incessant ideas ... but unfortunately no pics to share for a while ... our upstairs computer is in rough shape right now ... can't even check e-mail ... let alone access pics. Hopefully will get it operational again soon.

I do have something else to share though!

Most of you remember Amy ... my neice ... who did the big Ride To Conquer Cancer last year. Well ... this past year she met & fell in love with the man of her dreams! His name is Chris ... but most of the time we call him Newf ... to differentiate from her brother Chris.

Late last year they decided to move in together ... and you know it's serious because they bought a house together ... one which would also accomodate her Dad (so that they could look after him).

They no sooner got settled when she sent me an e-mail. "Surprise ... Surprise" was the title.
I figured she was going to say they were planning to get married ... but the news was much bigger!

Yup ... you guessed it ... she's pregnant! Twins! Now that's huge!

Needless to say she will not be doing the Ride this year!

We're all totally thrilled ... and glad that she lives so close now that we'll be able to visit often.
She's due mid - September ... so better get moving on some baby stuff!

Easter Blessings to all!

Love & Hugs ... Marie

PS ... may not be around much for a while ... life is getting busier now with so much happening!

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