Friday, June 18, 2010

That's It ... That's All!

Well ... all except for one final exam ... my baby girl is finished High School! ... officially!

She may contemplate another semester ... to get a few extra credits for a field she is contemplating, but she has the required amount for her official graduation diploma.

Yup ... another milestone in life!

Can hardly wait for Commencement ... and the whole "cap & gown" thing!

Hugs ... Marie

Friday, June 11, 2010

June 11 ... Already??!!!

Time ... there it goes ... speeding by me again!
Hard to believe an entire month has flown by me without a chance to post!
Guess that's just the way it goes when life comes at ya!

So much has gone on this past month I hardly know where to begin. I guess Artfest
would be the place to start.

It was a lovely day ... made to order ... sunny but not too hot ... and a lovely cool breeze. Just what you need for an outdoor show! Traffic was good ... lots of visitors and sales. My neighbouring vendors had way cool stuff & we had a lot of fun.

Work has been challenging of late ... but in a good way. Sales have been on par or better than last year ... but staffing has been my biggest challenge ... that Prom time of year and then there's a few who have landed other summer positions in their "field of choice" ... bye now!
It eventually all works out ... but does create a bit of stress to make it all work.

Fortunately I've become a seasoned pro at this game by now ... and at least have the upper hand at knowing what to expect and when ... so I just get more staff hired to compensate!

Glad too that my No. 1 son finally landed himself a new job ... bussing tables at a local pub ... great job for a nighthawk. He's fitting in quite well ... and thrilled to have some cash at his disposal. Kids ... he seems to have it spent even before he gets it! I think it's time to mention about contributing some to the grocery bill!

He did recently foot the bill for a serious vet bill for Kota though ... which was appreciated!

Kota is a Maine Coon cross ... and this year developed a really bad case of matting. We kept grooming him regularly ... brushing him almost daily ... clipping out the bad ones ... but they just kept multiplying to the point where they needed professional attention.

Finally this week he had to go to the vet ... be sedated ... and literally get shaved.

They call it a "lion cut" ... he has his head fur ... and front paws and a puff at the end of his tail ... but not much left in between!

Mel has taken pics of his "new do" ... will see if I can get her to send them so I can share ... he really does look strange ... like a little lion!

After all of this ordeal I do think that he is definitely feeling better ... because those mats are not pulling at his skin. Hard not to laugh at him though ... he looks like a composite kitty!

Well ... update complete for now ... time to put my feet up !

More soon ... I hope!

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