Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Meet Aiden & Alex !

Finally got some pics to share ..... meet our new sweeties .....

Aiden Christopher & Alexander Nicholas

Momma Amy & Babies

Amy, Chris & Boys

Grandpa Russ
Uncle Chris

Everyone is simply "over the moon" ecstatic that they arrived safe & sound!
Hoping to meet them this week ... but as you can imagine they've had soooo
many visitors ... want to make sure Momma gets some rest!
More soon ... Hugs ... Marie

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Babies Are Here!

Had great news this morning ... Amy & Chris are now proud parents of two healthy boys!

Aiden & Alex arrived a few weeks early ... but all is well ... tho Mom is exhausted from 14 hours of labour ... 4 hours of pushing!

So ... now I'm a "great" aunt ... can't wait to meet them!

Will post some pics as soon as possible!

Hugs ... Marie

PS ... thought it was time for a new look ... gonna try this one out for a while!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Saddle Up!

It's finally finished! Have all my stuff in it and I'm so happy to have a fully functional saddle bag again!

Now all I have to do is pin down my DD to snap some pics for me!

Last post I still hadn't figured out how I was going to attach the strap ... but allowed my brain some time to work it out & the details came together.

After punching a hole through side and through anchor straps for each end ... I used two double-hole buttons to sew through with a doubled length of strong acrylic thread ... cinching it tight to hold it all in place. It allows the anchor straps to move back & forth ... but I'm concerned that over the long haul the thread may weaken/break ... so intend to search for double-end twist-together grommets ... but if I can't find these ... then simple screws & nuts could work.

For the moment I'll leave well enough alone ... and see how long it holds.

Oh! ... I also dug out my Drag Bag after a long hiatus (which kinda got shelved during my long infatuation with beads). I didn't have much left to stitch on it ... so I've been doing the last of it and am almost ready to sew it up. Just need to make the lining and bottom ... and it'll be ready to use! It's only taken me about three years!

Speaking of which ... I'm off to work on it now!

Chat more soon ... and hopefully will have pics for ya next time!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Just Breathe !

Hi All ... did ya miss me? Well of course you did!

I swear ... I don't know how time flies by so fast!

I'm enjoying a bit of a breather from the daily grind ... didn't make any special plans ... or go to any fabulous place ... I just let my brain go into "idle mode"... and that is exactly what I needed.

But ... that is not to say I've been idle ... I've done stuff! Watched a lot of movies ... crocheted a second pair of baby booties for my neice ... but my biggest endeavor has been a purse.

Ages ago I had a "saddle bag" ... it was my absolute fave ... and I used it until it literally fell apart. So ... I took it apart & made a pattern from the pieces ... and made another one years ago ... a combination of a leather body and crocheted side panels/trim. Unfortunately I chose jute for the crochet part ... and it broke down faster than expected.

A few weeks back I stumbled across it while looking for something else ... and decided to check it out to see if it could be repaired & put back into use. Uh ... no. But the leather could be salvaged ... so I started to cut off all that old jute ... and let my mind work away at the resurrection plan.

Another thing I had stashed away ... and also one of the fave things from my past ... was an exquisite pair of black leather pants ... custom made ... which cost a pretty penny back then ... and even after all the years of wear were still intact ... except for the lining. There was no chance that I was ever going to fit into them again ... but just for a lark I had Melanie try them on to see if she might want them. They did fit ... kinda ... but too baggy in some spots ... so she declined. She was amazed that these actually fit me once!

This leather would be too thin to make a purse from ... but let me tell ya ... it was perfect as a veneer for the foundation leather of the old bag! I simply glued it on and voila ... the next incarnation! It'll go nicely with my black leather jacket!

I got this crazy notion to do something "decorative" on the main flap ... and it actually worked out pretty cool. I used some coloured bits of leather showing through cut out sections of the black ... initially it was going to be rainbow ... but finally used red and lavender ... and glad I did!

I still have quite a bit of finishing trim to do ... and have to attach the strap (I'm not entirely sure how I'm gonna do that) ... but eventually it'll be finished and I'll share visuals.

So ... that's about it for now ... and I will try to post more often!

Hugs ... Marie

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