Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Saddle Up!

It's finally finished! Have all my stuff in it and I'm so happy to have a fully functional saddle bag again!

Now all I have to do is pin down my DD to snap some pics for me!

Last post I still hadn't figured out how I was going to attach the strap ... but allowed my brain some time to work it out & the details came together.

After punching a hole through side and through anchor straps for each end ... I used two double-hole buttons to sew through with a doubled length of strong acrylic thread ... cinching it tight to hold it all in place. It allows the anchor straps to move back & forth ... but I'm concerned that over the long haul the thread may weaken/break ... so intend to search for double-end twist-together grommets ... but if I can't find these ... then simple screws & nuts could work.

For the moment I'll leave well enough alone ... and see how long it holds.

Oh! ... I also dug out my Drag Bag after a long hiatus (which kinda got shelved during my long infatuation with beads). I didn't have much left to stitch on it ... so I've been doing the last of it and am almost ready to sew it up. Just need to make the lining and bottom ... and it'll be ready to use! It's only taken me about three years!

Speaking of which ... I'm off to work on it now!

Chat more soon ... and hopefully will have pics for ya next time!

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