Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's That Time Again!

October 1st ..... OMG ... that's tomorrow!

As many of you know ... that'd be my BD ... and it's time again for the traditional

Birthday Draw!

Have to admit that I'm kinda behind here ... I've been bitten by the Bead Bug again ...
and the barrage of ideas & creations has been incessant. Trying to fit life into this just annoys me!

In a word ..... snowflakes!

I'm not entirely sure if it is true ... but I think I heard (or maybe I read) that no two flakes are the same ... just like people!

Regardless ... I have been challenging myself to create each one different! So far the count is close to 40 ... aiming for 100. I'm thinking these will be my staff gifties this year ... but also creating pairs if earrings and single pendants & pins that I'm planning on putting up for sale.

More on that later ..... still in the planning stages!

But for now .... drop me a note to say HI and get yer name into the BD Draw!

Gee ... I wonder what the prize will be ! ?

Happy Birthday wishes to Pat Winter ... and Betty Pillsbury!

Any other Librans out there?

Seeing as I'm posting so late .... I'm going to do the actual draw Saturday October 9th!

Love & Hugs ... Marie


Pat Winter said...

Thank you for the birthday wish!!! I hope your birthday is the best yet and all your wishes come true.
Birthday hugs to you and Betty too.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Happy birthday Marie - would write more but overwhelmed at the moment. Just wanted to wish you a happy day tho'.

Debbie said...

Happy birthday, Marie! I'm also a Libra, Sept. 24. I love to win surprises. Thanks for counting me in.

Linda H said...

Hey Marie, Happy Birthday!! Have a good one! Treat yourself to something special!!
Best Wishes

Linda H said...

Hey Marie! Happy Birthday!! Treat yourself to something special to celebrate YOUR day!
Best Wishes

Lesley said...

Hi there. Many happy returns and thank you for the charming photos of the 'sweeties'. I became a great grandmother last week, a boy (Zane) I don't understand it, because inside I still feel 16 (big sigh) Never mind what the mirror says! Anyway, have a great birthday. Blessings

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