Friday, November 26, 2010

#298 ... It's Snowing ... In My Basement!

So what I really mean ... is that so far all we've seen here really ... is a few flurries ... but it's a virtual snow storm in my studio!

When I first began creating snowflakes ... I initially challenged myself to make 100 ... different ones that is ... and as of today I'm at 120!

As mind-boggling as that seems ... it is a drop in the bucket compared to Mother Nature's
phenomenal creative talents!

Just think about it ... how many snowflakes fall in one single fall ? Billions? Gazillions? They sometimes pile up feet deep ... AND EVERY SINGLE ONE IS DIFFERENT!

Like I said ... my efforts a mere drop in the bucket!

But ... that is not to say that I am any less proud of my creations ... I am totally thrilled with them ... as thrilled as I know some of you will be ... if & when your name happens to come out of the Lucky Tin!

As of today ... 60 names are in the draw ... so three snowflakes will be finding their way to some of you ... but as many as 20 are up for grabs depending on the entry count as of Dec. 1st!

Christmas is a time of sharing ... and of giving ... you can dictate both!

Tell all your friends ... join in the game ... blog about it for extra chances (and post a comment too!) ... the more the merrier!

Let it snow ... let it snow... let it snow!

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