Wednesday, December 1, 2010

# 300 ... And The Winners Are ! ...

Melanie just arrived home from school ... she was participaing in the Holiday Concert with the choir (which I didn't get to see because I had to work) ... she assisted me with the drawing of the names from the Lucky Tin.

I put 71 entries into the tin. As I was shaking it up ... the lid flew off and we had to pause the draw for a couple of minutes while we recovered all the names that jumped out of it ... but finally and without further drama the winners are :




Linda H

Thanks everyone for playing ... and congrats to the winners!
Please e-mail your snail-addresses to me so I can get your prize on the way!
(Linda I have yours.)

It's been a blast!

Hugs ... Marie

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Kathy said...

Marie, What a surprise! Thank you so much, it has brightened my day.

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