Friday, December 3, 2010

Prize Forfeited ... and the New Winner Is ...

Well ... we have an unusual situation here!

Linda H has decided to share her good fortune! See ... Lucky Linda won my BD Draw this year ... and she also won it last year ,,, so at her request ... she suggested that I draw another winner from the Lucky Tin.

Unfortunately that was not possible ... because I had (ever so efficiently) dumped all the slips with the names into my recycling bin and set them out for collection.

So ... she sugested that (if possible) that I pass her gift on to the person who made the fifth comment in the draw ... so that person will receive her prize!

And the new winner is ...


Come on down!

Life does throw ya curveballs sometimes ... and it's not always a bad thing!


Linda H said...

Congrats Lesley!! I am sure you will be thrilled with Marie's lovely snowflake creation. Enjoy!!

Lesley said...

Hi there, I'm absolutely delighted. I was so surprised I had to double check that I had made the fifth comment. It's especially welcome as I have MS and have been feeling very nder the weather for the last few weeks.
My address is:
Lesley Walker
22 St. Catherine's Avenue
Norfolk NR29 5AP

Thank you again and thank you to the kind lady who redonated her prize. Blessings

Marie Alton said...

Linda ... I'm so thrilled that your RAK means so much to Lesley!
It was a selfless thing to do, and you deserve big Kudos!

Lesley ... I've copied your address
& will get your prize out in the post this weekend.

Still waiting to hear from Kathy ... I've e-mailed her ... as I don't think she even knew she had her name in ... she was on the Followers list at the start of the draw ... but I see from her blog that she hasn't posted for a while.

I'm sure she'll be very surprised!

Hugs ... Marie

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