Friday, January 29, 2010

So...2 Years and 272 Blogs Later ...

Hi Everybody!

I'm actually late in posting for my 2nd Blogiversary ... but you know how life gets in the way!

This year started off rather depressing to be blunt ... so you'll have to forgive me for not being around regularly ... it just wasn't in me to post. Between the loss of Peter and Lexie and the awful disaster in Haiti ... I've not felt very social.

But ... it hasn't all been bad ... I do have a new nephew! Julian Tomasso Lepore arrived on January 11th! What a fabulous birthdate ...01/11/10 ! Am adding a pic of this li'l sweety...he looks so wise! I am looking forward to meeting him within the next few weeks ... and delivering his very own "binky"... to keep him warm.

Well ... for my 2nd Blogiversary ... I did hint at a draw ... so let's get on with it!

Two years blogging ... wow ... who'd have thought?! I think that warrants two prizes instead of one!

So ... ladies & gentlemen ... let me tell you what I have in mind!

As I mentioned a wee while back ... I have been indulging in bead therapy. Ideas have been rampant! I don't quite know where they came from ... but all of a sudden ... with the New Year came a flood of ideas! 3-D ... no balls involved ... stand alone ornaments that are to ... well ... die for! I'm my own harshest critic ... and impressed!

And ... two of you will get to experience these first hand!

I'm currently deliberating on what course I wish to take these beauties ... pattern them ... or simply offer up originals for purchase by the masses?

They may be conducive to a magazine article ... but I think I'd prefer to "show" them in same ... then "share" the technique upon publication ... via an available pattern set then.

To get in on the draw ... all you need to do is tell me ... what you'd prefer. Would you be interested in a pattern set to create these by your own hand ... or would you prefer to simply purchase an original creation?

I'm asking this because ... I have to consider the amount of time I'd have to invest to create the patterns ... in relation to the time it actually took to create the prototypes.

I have completed 20 pieces since the frenzy began ... and am willing to part with each of them ... for a price ... (well I guess that'd actually be 18 after I subtract the two prizes!)

I realize that I am asking all of this "sight unseen" ... but trust me when I tell you ... these will simply "drop your jaw". They are something you have just not seen before!

So ... leave me your comment to get in on the draw ... and ... Good Luck!

PS ... I forgot to add ... I'll draw the names on our 20th wedding anniversary ... February 10th!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Only The Good Die Young

I am paraphrasing an old Billy Joel song here ... but am wondering if it very wll might be true.

There was a funeral today for a young lady who worked for me a few years ago ... her name was Lexie.

She was only 28 ... had recently become a full-fledged teacher and was well on her way to accomplishing her life's goal...when cancer struck.

By the time she was diagnosed it was already too late. It had taken over too many vital organs including her brain ... and there was no hope for a fight.

It saddens me that such a vibrant & meaningful life has been cut short.

I wish that it could be beaten in every case ... but the sad truth is ... it cannot.

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