Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day !

Ah yes ... love is in the air!

Hope you all may share special moments with those you love!

Paul & I had our first date on Valentines ... 26 years ago! It was kinda inpromptu ... we were both working ... and he invited me out for dinner at a small Chinese food place across the street from the store. We had such a great time that we made plans for a second date ... and that's all she wrote!

I want to share another of the ornament series with you ... as I think it's in keeping with the day!

Love to all! Hugs ... Marie

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another Creative Spark

I so love when the visions happen ... in a daydream-like state ... when I stare off in a daze ... I see things ... courtesy of my minds eye. I can actually visualize the finished object ... and then I proceed to creating it.

During this recent barrage of 3Ds ... I stumbled onto another related idea ... and am now being bombarded with even more ideas!

I love candles ... always have a supply on hand ... aromatherapy in conjunction with bead or stitching therapy ... helps to keep me sane when I escape the real world! Dollarama has a great line of these that come in small glass jars. One candle lasts for days!

Pack rat that I am ... I save the spent jars ... thinking that I can recycle them into something else ... and have in past created tops for them in SRE and CQ ... given as gifts ...even sold some.

Here's one idea that started with the vision - thing ... and am now working on the third one!
The second has smaller gold-winged butterflies ... but 5 instead of 4.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sparkle & Spin

I'm waiting patiently to hear from the editor of A Needle Pulling Thread as to whether she can squeeze me in to the Festive 2010 issue ... to share my new creations with the world!

But ... I am working on other plans for them too ... like local classes and our annual Artfest!

I found a really cool bead shop ... just around the corner from me! I have been chatting with Beth ... the owner ... and she is very interested in having me teach some classes there! She's away on a vacation just now ... and will be back next week ... so we'll get together then.

I know you've all been wondering just what the heck I've been up to ... and I finally have some pics ... thanks to Mel and her new camera!

Sparkle & Spin ... that's what I've dubbed this line ... beads & wire worked together to create 3D ornaments ... but just how they are created is what's really new ... I don't think it's been done before (mind you I don't follow all the mags out there ... just going on what my mind has generated!)

I do think that I will go ahead with a pattern series ... as each of these unique pieces are sure to find a following!

For now I am sharing a sneak peek ... one of my faves ... and will keep you posted on what happens next!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So ... 20 Years Later ...

I ask myself ... where did the time go?

Blogger just erased the whole message I so carefully composed ... I'm now tired and have a headache ... so will try this again in the AM!

Melanie seleceted the winners for me tonight ... and they are:

Gerry ... and Gail M. !

Congrats ladies!

Please forward your snail info to !

Hugs ... Marie

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