Tuesday, November 30, 2010

#299 ...I Survived Magic Weekend!

I hope all my American friends had a Happy Thanksgiving! I meant to add this on the last post ... but was so focused on flakes (and totally tired from work) that it slipped by me.

This weekend was our big kick-off to Christmas at the store ... Magic Weekend. It's always very busy and extremely stressful ... leading to exhaustion. But that's the way it goes in retail, folks!

Thankfully I'm off today and glad for a breather. I can start cutting up my sheet with names for the Big Draw!

I'll be working until 9 pm tomorrow and will do the draw when I get home ... so will include all names received before then.

I appreciate that some of you have added your names in as official Followers ... thanks! My number has more than doubled!

Want a sneak peek at the prizes? Click on the link on the side bar under Marie Alton Presents to see some of the Snowflakes featured on ArtFire!

Until tomorrow then ... Hugs ... Marie

Friday, November 26, 2010

#298 ... It's Snowing ... In My Basement!

So what I really mean ... is that so far all we've seen here really ... is a few flurries ... but it's a virtual snow storm in my studio!

When I first began creating snowflakes ... I initially challenged myself to make 100 ... different ones that is ... and as of today I'm at 120!

As mind-boggling as that seems ... it is a drop in the bucket compared to Mother Nature's
phenomenal creative talents!

Just think about it ... how many snowflakes fall in one single fall ? Billions? Gazillions? They sometimes pile up feet deep ... AND EVERY SINGLE ONE IS DIFFERENT!

Like I said ... my efforts a mere drop in the bucket!

But ... that is not to say that I am any less proud of my creations ... I am totally thrilled with them ... as thrilled as I know some of you will be ... if & when your name happens to come out of the Lucky Tin!

As of today ... 60 names are in the draw ... so three snowflakes will be finding their way to some of you ... but as many as 20 are up for grabs depending on the entry count as of Dec. 1st!

Christmas is a time of sharing ... and of giving ... you can dictate both!

Tell all your friends ... join in the game ... blog about it for extra chances (and post a comment too!) ... the more the merrier!

Let it snow ... let it snow... let it snow!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Milestones ... and Draws!

As I logged on to Blogger today ... I noticed that I'm getting very close to my 300th post!

This one is in fact 297 ... wow who woulda thunk it?!! I'm sure there would have been more if I hadn't been hit with hardware problems earlier this year ... kinda put a cramp in my ability to post things I would have liked ... especially with the pics ... as it left me without my scanner too.

Melanie did help out with some pics ... but if you have teenagers ... you know how difficult it can be to pin them down & get them to help! One of these days I'm just going to have to get a camera and really learn how to use it ... that would be problem solved!

But I digress.

Post # 300 will be a " And The Winners Are ... " !

And ... coincidentally ... Linda H of Stitch Lines (who was the winner of the past 2 BD Draws) is also close to this same milestone and having a draw of her own!

I always check out her posts when I find myself on Blogger ... she is a very talented gal ... and her posts are always entertaining and informative!

So I guess it's time I actually become one of her faithful followers ... which will also get me more shots at her prizes!

Speaking of which ... it has always boggled my mind as to why I have so few?!!! I've never really pushed for followers ... as it's a personal choice to be one I feel ... but to those of you who do read often ... I'm going to follow Linda's lead ... and offer rewards to those who let me know that you're out there ... and enjoy reading my blog! Let me know that I'm not "talking to myself"!

Today I'm going to add the Followers gadget in my side bar ... my initial list of followers will automatically have their names put in 3 times to the infamous "Lucky Tin" ... and if they post a comment here too ... they'll get in 3 more times!

New Followers ... will be entered 3 times too ... with one extra entry for a comment post!

All Bloggers who post & link to this draw ... and let me know ... will also get their name in 3 times!

If you don't blog but want to join in ... please make sure to include an e-mail contact in your comment to secure an entry.

Now here's the best part! The prize count will increase exponentially with the number of entries in that Luck Tin!!!

For every 20 ... there'll be one prize! So ... that'll mean ... 100 entries = 5 prizes ... 200 entries = 10 prizes and so on! The sky's the limit!

But wait! ... there's more!

If the entry count hits 300 ... I'll up the prize count from 15 to 20!

So ... get excited ... join up ... join in ... spread the word ... and let's see how much fun we can have ... and how many prizes there will be! Hee Hee Hee!

Linda's draw will be on November 25th ... one month before Christmas!

I will do my drawing from the Lucky Tin on December 1st ... that's only 10 days away!

Big Hugs ... Marie

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Marie Alton Presents . . .

I am VERY pleased to announce that I have a new studio on

Art Fire

First up ... a sampling of Snowflakes! Pins ... Pendants ... & Earrings !!!

I invite you to stop by and visit ... and now that I've figured out all the ins & outs ... I'll be listing items regularly ... so make sure to add the link to your Faves!


Big Hugs ... Marie

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Amy's Shower & Time To Catch Up!

Food & Balloons & Punch ... Oh my!

A table full of gifts!

Oooops ... almost forgot a pic of the cake!

Chris & Amy & Boys

Mom & Us
L to R - Chrissy, Nadine, Stephanie, Cathy, Marie,
Russ (Grandpa) & Lawrence

The Cousins
(L to R)
Tim, Melanie, Becca, Sarah, Amy & Emma

Great Grandma Geney & Grandpa Russ

The hardest part about having time off ... is having to get back into the grind of your day job when it's finished!

Reality and responsibility set in and it takes a while to get up to speed ... but I'm there now and with the weekend off I found myself with some time to catch my breath and catch up with you!

Amy's shower was a blast! I'm still trying to figure out how half of the food I made got lugged back here ... because I thought it'd be all eaten! Well ... at least I didn't have to cook all week as we had a whole bunch of leftovers!

Have to say that it was all worth the effort. Had a fabulous time visiting with family and dear old friends who attended ... and it was a rare photo opp ... as all 7 of us kids ... and Mom were in attendance! I think the last time that happened was over 25 years ago ... at Russ's wedding.

The link above will take you to the album on Face Book ... there are 30 pics in total ... but for those who don't do Face Book ... I've added a few high-lights.

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