Tuesday, January 25, 2011

3 Years ... 3 Lucky Names & 3 Prizes!

Hi all ... as promised ... on my 3rd Blogiversary ... and with the help of my trusted assistant DD Melanie ... 3 names have been drawn from the Lucky Tin!

These are all first time winners ... and you lucky people are:


Connie Eyberg


Jonoleso (oops ... correction ... Lesley is now a 2nd time winner!)

Please e-mail me at sredeluxe@rogers.com with snail-mail info so I can send you your prize!

Thanks for following along ... and congrats!

It's been a rather different week. Last Monday one of my long-time part-time gals handed in her notice ... and is moving on to a new adventure.

When you've been doing what I've been doing for this many years ... you can sense when things are about to happen ... and I was half expecting it. After all ... a lifetime career with the Tire is not usually the objective of most young employees ... we're more like a stepping stone to fund their schooling and then they move on ... to other endeavors. But they do learn a lot along the way ... things they can use in whatever else they choose to do in life ... that's just the way it goes!

Jenny had been studying fashion & design and landed a part time job with BCBG Max Azria ... which is a high-end ladies designer clothing house with many retail outlets. She decided to commit herself entirely to persuing a career with them ... it's right up the alley she's been looking for!

She's one of those people that everyone likes ... she's personable ... funny ... and friends with just about everyone. I knew that once word got out that she was leaving ... everyone would want to sign her card to wish her well! No ... a small one was just not going to work ... so I headed out to various greeting card retailers hoping to find a
gang-size one.

I'm sure they used to be available ... but I looked everywhere ... thought Hallmark would have them for sure ... Party Packagers was the closest I came ... but the only big ones they had were for Valentines Day! I was seriously contemplating augmenting one of them to fit the bill ... but "tacky" was the first thing that came to mind.

Okay ... so here is where the consumate designer takes over and the idea of creating one took hold.

Bristol board that'll work ... and maybe an alphabet template to make the words ... I have oodles of markers that I could use to colour them in ... but OMG ... that would be tedious.

And then I found myself standing in front of a myriad of stickers at Buck or Two!

Ready made peel-off/stick on script ... and these stars are way cool ... but when I saw the Happy Face sheets ... and I absolutely had a plan!

I'm going to get pics of it to share ... as it's kinda better with visuals ... a thousand words saved!

I'm also gonna put my two cents worth in to Hallmark ... and maybe even offer up my services!
I will also point out my disappointment at not being able to find any cards for twins ... while I'm at it! Sheesh!

Okay well that's my news for this evening ... DD is patiently waiting for a turn on the box ... so I'm off to play ... more bead ideas dontchaknow!

Hugs ... Marie


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Congrats to the lucky winners! I know from experience that you'll be getting something nice. Connie is having trouble getting in to your blog Marie, but she knows and I think she will be emailing you separately.

Marie Alton said...

Thanks Ma ... I have since had a note from her and she sent necessary info! Thanks for letting her know.

Hugs ... Marie

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Oh goodie!! I'm emailing you my info now!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

My beautiful snowflake arrived in the mail Friday - I love it! It is beautifully made - thank you so much!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Kerry ... I'm so glad it arrived safely ... and that you love it!

Hugs ... Marie

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