Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reflection, Projection & Prizes ... Oh My!

New Years Greetings to all from snowy Pickering!

Yes ... Mother Nature is sending it down big time ... and since I've no place to go ...
let it snow ... let it snow ... let it snow!

I'm slowly emerging from the vacuum that consumes me once the Christmas season is done! I feel spent from it all ... but now ... posting for the first time this year ... with a brand new look ... I'm ready to go!

I find myself pausing to reflect on what I've done over the last twelve months ... and look ahead to what I want to accomplish in the next year.

This morning I've been scrolling through my own blog ... from present alllll the way back to Day One ... reviewing what I've shared over these past 3 years!

Yup ... another Blogiversary is on the horizon! I started this on January 25th 2008, and have reminded myself not only why I began blogging, but also of all the things that I've blogged about!
(And ... you know it ... there's gonna be a prize draw! ... more on that later!)

My aim at the start was to have one place to share ... with all my friends & faithful fans ... my creations & creative process ... in all mediums.

It used to be quite tedious trying to keep track of who I shared what with ... which list I posted what on ... and trying not to cross-post. Here it's "one-stop-shopping" ... and I don't do lists much anymore!

So ... here I am at the brink of the future ... contemplating what I anticipate accomplishing this year. At the moment ... my battery is low ... so just taking some much needed time to recharge.

For a while now I've been mentally organizing a grand new creation ... a full 3-D carousel horse! My good friends at Kreinik have already supplied me with materials & I feel ready to proceed.

Perhaps if I focus on one spectacular creation ... I will achieve one spectacular result! ... and well ... it could happen if I don't get too distracted by other things (which we all know from past experience ... has happened ... more than once!).

Well ... I don't plan to start today ... or even tomorrow! I've learned over the years (and wisely so) not to force it ... to let it happen when it will. I put my trust in that ... and it hasn't failed me yet!

Enough philosophy for one day ... let's get on to some fun!

Three years! ... over 300 posts ... wow!

Three prizes are up for grabs!

My dear "Followers" ... your names are automatically entered once ... & posting a comment gets you another! Share this draw info and a link ... & let me know ... that'll get you a third entry!

Everyone is welcome ... and a comment post will get your name into that Lucky Tin ... but if you also decide to add your name as a Follower too ... your name will go in a second time.

Draw date will be January 25th ... Good Luck to All!

Looking forward to sharing a lot more!

Hugs ... Marie


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Three years...already? It just seems like yesterday you did your first post! Huge congrats my friend (love the new look btw).

Debbie said...

Happy Blogiversary, Marie! Here's to many, many more. You've been in my google reader from way back.

Debbie said...

I'm also a follower.

Lesley said...

I became a follower last year, and I've loved reading your posts. Your new project sounds wonderful. Make sure we get to see plenty of pics along the way. Blessings

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