Thursday, February 17, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different!

I have been cranking out a whole bunch of new things since Christmas ... and add to that a bunch more that were created a while ago ... and voila ... a whole new collection of wonderous things for you to see over at . . .
As you may well know ... I've been obsessed with beads for some time now ... haven't done any stitching because of it ... but what you'll see there will clearly indicate why!
I feel pretty much done with this phase for the moment ... and am going to try very hard to ignore their whisperings ... put the lid on that bead box for a start to muffle their calls ... pull out some fabric & return to stitching new things! Ahhhh!
To entice you ... I've added a sneak preview below!
This was one of the ones I finished over the weekend.
Several of the pieces in this collection are what I call Neck Lace ... pun intended ...
these ain't your run-o-the-mill necklaces ... oh no!
They adorn the neck ... like lace!
I've mixed in some earrings, pendants and some other whimsies for fun!
Sorry ... there's no belly button things! Teehee!
Thanks ... and Hugs ... Marie


Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Your necklace is absolutely gorgeous! I am going to pop over to your shop later to see all the goodies. Isn't it tough to try to do it all! I haven't been beading for a few months now and hear it calling my name, but I have projects to finish from last year yet. I wanted to thank you for the beautiful snowflake! I absolutely love it. I want to post it but haven't gotten a chance to photograph it (need sun!). Thank you so much!!! Connie

Marie Alton said...

Hi Connie!

Thanks ... but wait there's more!
Over 20 more! Have fun!

Glad to hear that your prize arrived safe & sound. Gotta credit to our mail service! So far they have a 99.9% rate of delivery reliability ... and the .1 % may not have been their fault.

Hope the sun shines for you soon ... to get a pic ... but also so that your flake will dance merrily in it & it's real beauty can "shine".

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