Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don't Laugh ... But Snicker If You Must!

I remember vivdly my mother telling me that "It's not nice to laugh at other people's misfortunes". Although my kitty is not a person ... I sincerely believe that somehow there is a human trapped in this creature's body ... everyone who knows him can testify to that!

He's a Maine Coon Cross ... they are a fascinating breed. He talks ... more like chatters ... & he is very entertaining. He fetches ... and loves human food ... must be present at the dinner table requesting to partake in whatever happens to be served at the time ... even if it is not really something that a feline should feast upon!

I've been wanting to show this pic since last spring! Mel actually has this as the "wallpaper" on the computer ... so I see it every time I log on ... but it took me a while to find it in her files & copy to mine.

This is my sweet li'l Kota kitty ... who had serious mats in his fur last spring. Mel's friend Vicki works as an assistant at a vets ... and did try hard to help clip out the mats ... but there were just too many for a fledgling to handle. I had to take him in to our vet ... have him sedated ... and they gave him what is called a "Lion's Cut" ... and aptly named ... is what you see here! $160 later ...

Although he was not entirely thrilled with the whole event ... he was relieved of the nasty mats ... and was one cool kitty over the hot summer!

Once his fur grew back in .... he looked more like his old self again ... and appreciative for the relief. For those who don't know ... mats go right down to the skin ... and pull at the epidermis causing severe discomfort. Shaving them off & allowing the fur to grow in again is the only way to correct the problem.

This is what he looked like months after that had happened. Back to his beautiful long-haired self ... without those nasty mats! He is such a beautiful boy!


Gwen Buchanan said...

The Lion king!

we have a dog that develops this same problem..

Elaine said...

Oh Dear! You really shouldn't laugh at a cat! Severely dents their pride :P

However, poor cat! I'm sure he felt better without those mats. He really is a very handsome cat with his hair back. I love long-haired cats. I have two of 'mongrel' stock ...... although as far as they're concerned, they are both royalty :P

Marie Alton said...

Hi Gwen ... yes he seems to be a king regardless of his length of fur!

Elaine ... I agree ... they don't like to be laughed at but the freedom from the mats was a small price to pay for his funny-looking self.

Now that that's over with he is so much like his ol' self again ... lord & master of his domain!

Cathy K said...

I always wondered how Maine Coons fared during hot weather, and I think that regardless of mats or not, this cut is a fantastic idea! He looks regal either way. My cat Boomer is also a human trapped in a cat’s body, and joins DH and I at the dinner table. He sits quietly on his chair, waiting for leftovers. But the only other time he is quiet is when he is asleep, for he always has something to say to us. Yes, we do converse!! :-) Loved your post. Hugs, Cathy K

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