Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jenny's Card

Okay ... so this is the really big card I made for Jenny!

Her last official day was Friday ... but I was off ... & suggested to the gals that we should do a "Farewell Dinner" for her ... and we'll do that this Saturday evening ... and will present it to her then. Hopefully by then the rest of the staff will have had a chance to sign it!

It measures 20 x 20 when folded as you see it above ... but folds out to 40 x 20 to reveal all of these Happy Face characters & balloon captions messages from the staff!

Last but not least ... I personalized it with my own crazy logo!

The management & staff was really impressed with my creation ... amazing what you can do & how much fun you can generate with a few packs of ... stickers! I'm sure Jenny will love the effort ...but moreso all the good wishes that everbody sends her way! It's a keeper!

Now you can appreciate why the whole visual thing was essential! A picture (or 3) is worth the 1000 words!

Will tell ya more after the dinner thing!

Hugs ... Marie

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Linda H said...

Cute! Cute! I'm sure Jenny will be appreciative!

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