Monday, February 21, 2011

Show & Share ... The "Phoenix" Saddlebag

Some time ago I told you about a purse that I was making ... or rather remaking ... as this was not the first one ... but rather the latest in a series of remakes of the original.

I don't exactly remember when I aquired the original ... except that I can ballpark it to sometime in my early 20's. OMG! Was it that long ago!???

It was "love at first sight"! IT WAS PERFECT!

Okay ... it was expensive ... but what the heck ... quality is always worth a few extra bucks! Chestnut brown heavy gauge leather ... totally awesome.

It was simple by design but everything that I wanted in a handbag. It had one deep inside pocket & a smaller outer pocket with it's own closeable flap ... and a large flap that covered both ... with a belt-like extension that joined to a buckle at the bottom/back to close it up securely.

Best of all was the shoulder/neck strap ... it could be adjusted to be worn on your shoulder or hung around your neck ... across the chest ... which is the way that I preferred ... the kind of bag that you never set down or worry about losing ... because it hangs off of you.

Time took it's toll ... I used it for years & years ... until the original stitching began to deteriorate under the stress of wear. I could not just simply toss this gem ... but instead carefully took it apart and traced out the pattern of it ... with aim to recreate it.

And I did ... kind of ... but I'll admit my choice of components was not the best. While I did use a good heavy gauge leather ... I crocheted replacement pockets with jute ... and it didn't prove as durable as I anticipated. It began to fall apart. I retired it sooner than I would have liked ... and resorted to various other bags along the way ... all very worthy fuctional bags ... but not my saddlebag!

I just had to make another one. I decided that I had the "skeleton" of it already ... and that I could use it to expand upon to create the next. I was torn between starting from scratch ... or incorporating the remains into the resurrection.

While deliberating on the course of action ... I considered what materials I had at hand ... the first two choices were a caramel-coloured leather jacket or my awesome old black leather pants. Melanie tried on the jacket & it fit her nicely. The pants ... not so much ... & let's face it ... no way I was ever gonna get into these again! So ... the pants it would be ... only the leather was too thin to create a bag from ... so it became a "veneer" ..... yup I used my trusty fave glue Weldbond & glued it to the old panels ... fabricated the rest of it from other leather remnants & sewed it all together with LusterSheen. The strap came from another purse I had found at a thrift store.

To make it really unique I used some red & lavender scraps for the design on the flap.

It was a big job ... but I've got my saddlebag ... again!


MosaicMagpie said...

I am happy to say I have found your blog from the lovely snowflake on Connie's blog. I also see you have a Simply CQ button on your side bar, thank you!
I hope you will visit me soon,

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oddly enough I was wondering about Phoenix Rising not so long ago - glad to see you found a way to create a workable solution!!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Deb ... welcome and thanks!
Glad you liked Connie's snowflake & yes I'm following along with Simply CQ ... it is a great idea and fabulous source for CQ stuff!

Hey hey MA ... hope all is well!
Can't wait till this winter crap is over so I can do a Lindsay roadtrip! I miss you my dear!

And ... you know the pic doesn't do it justice ... looking forward to sharing first hand & seeing what you've been up to!

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