Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something Is Very Wrong In Bloglandia!

I was checking out what my fave bloggers have been up to this evening ... when something very strange happened!

Mary Anne Richardson's Blog (aka Magpies Mumblings) seems to have disappeared!

At first I thought it was a glitch ... as we all know can happen on the Net ... but every link I knew to her blog came up with the same message ... something about this blog has been removed!

Say it ain't so! She has even been removed from my Followers list! She would never do that of her own accord!

MA & I have been friends for years ... getting together several times a year to share creativity & do lunch ... & sometimes shop her local faves ... so I just had to make sure she was okay.

I called her in a panic fearing something was wrong ... but she is fine ... just very confused at the moment as to why this has happened. She is in the process of contacting Blogger to find out why ... and that's all I can tell you at this point.

This is so weird ... I mean she's been blogging for years ... so how could they just deactivate her like this? What could she have done that was so wrong?

Stay tuned kids ... we'll get to the bottom of this.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm back!!! It was a glitch at Google and apparently was something that was quite widespread. My blog is back, my email is back and all is well with the world!! Oh yes - and I see my ugly mugshot is back in your followers list too. Yay!!

Marie Alton said...

Oh MA ... I'm so glad!

Had this bsd "Big Brother is watching" feeling ... silly now of course that it was a mere glitch thing ... but unnerving nonetheless.

Hugs ... Marie

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