Sunday, March 27, 2011

Embellishments As Previously Mentioned

So here's the visuals for the embellishments I told you about yesterday.

Some threads I forgot to mention ... because I hadn't yet added them on the first pic ... the enhancement on the flowers was 2-strands of Vikki Clayton's silk floss ... Peach I think ... and the tiny branches were in YLI Silk 30.

While I was stitching ... I realized my threads & ribbons had originally come from Japan ... and that there were many other things that I loved that also came from there.

I drive a Toyota Corolla 5-speed standard ... one of the best cars ever made!  While actually built here ... orignated there! 

Also ... sushi ... I love it!  We make our own quite often with traditional Japanese rice & nori that come all the way from Japan.

Well ... I have a bit of time to stitch now ... so off I go!


piney cq said...

Oh so yummy! I will love being able to see this close up!!! Thanks so much for participating!! I loveeee this block!

Marie Alton said...

Thanks Leslie! I'm enjoying stitching again ... Have found it's kinda like riding a bike ... while you may be away from it for a while ... you don't forget how!

Now just letting my mind soak it all in to see what inspires next!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Nice! Someday I will have to get you to teach me to make those roses...they are so real!

Marie Alton said...

Hey Hey MA
They are so easy ... and I know I have a tutorial posted somewhere!

But ... if you want a first hand lesson ... I have a week's holidays booked ... from April 10-16 ... and if there's no damn snow in the forcast ... might be a chance for us to get together!

Check your date book & let me know!
I miss you!

Hugs ... Marie

MosaicMagpie said...

I agree with MA those roses are so lifelike I want to smell them. Now if you want to come to KY I would welcome a lesson too!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Deb ... well MA I know is about an hour from me by car ... KY ... not so close!

However ... I did locate the post done back in 2008 on how to make these!

Just look for the "French Knot Roses" post tag on that and then scroll down ... you'll find it! Like I said ... so easy!

You can also see several other projects that I stitched these on in both 4mm & 7mm ribbon.

Hugs ... Marie

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