Monday, March 7, 2011

Sick ... and I Don't Do Sick Very Well!

The temperature goes up ... then down ... then up ... sheesh ... the perfect breeding ground for germs ... and sometimes resistance is futile! You can't see it coming until ... wham! It get's ya.

Some bug has got me ... a sinus thing that is now moving down to my chest ... and all I wanna do is get into my PJs and sleep. But even that isn't a relief when you wake up several times a night sneezing or hacking ... it's such a nuisance.

It totally throws me off my game. I don't like to feel miserable ... and I can't seem to focus on anythhing but that. Medication can get me through the day ... until I can come home & get into bed. Calling in sick is not an option ... so just suck it up and wait till it's over.

Sorry to share the misery with you all ... but like I said ... I don't do sick very well!

Where the heck is spring? Wiarton Willie ... did you mess up ... or what?

On a positive note ... Sunday March 13th begins Daylight Saving Time ... and I will gladly sacrifice that one hour knowing that soon this dreary winter crap will be over.

I know everyone is feeling the same!

Chicken Noodle soup ... maybe that'll help! Ugggghhh. (Aaaachoooooo! God Bless Me!)


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I hesitate to mention this, but...go to your local health food store and fork over about $30 for a bottle of Oil of Oregano. Put 4 (or so) drops under your tongue and then have a drink of water (or juice). I warn you now, it's tastes absolutely vile but it works!! Take it a couple of times a day for a few days. Great stuff! It apparently boosts your immune system so you can throw a bug faster...and if you take it when you first get any symptoms most often it will nip it in the bud.
So sorry you're have the grunge! Hope you feel better sooner.

Pat Winter said...

Marie, I'm sorry you are under the weather. Been there done that and it isn't fun. Keep thinking of Spring's arrival and chicken soup is must. Get well hugs and sunny thoughts,

Linda H said...

So sorry to hear you're under the weather Marie. Take good care, get lots of rest and find someone to make you some homemade chicken soup- I would if I was closer!

Lesley said...

Hope you're feeling better soon . Try a hot toddy! Thinking of you, and sharing coughs and sneezes. lol. Blessings

Marie Alton said...

Thank you all for brightening my day and will take the advice into consideration. If I felt up to it I'd make some chicken soup myself ... but do have lots of Campbells canned on hand ... and well that just seems easier right now.

Glad to have the day off to get some extra rest. Playing with beads helps distract me too!

Hugs ... Marie

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