Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Strength in Numbers ... Hearts & Hands for Sendai

I've felt this way before ... in the wake of disaster ... this feeling of wanting to help ... to do something for those affected.

The last time was after Katrina left New Orleans in devistating ruins.

This time I want to do my part to help in Japan ... but more specifically ... Sendai.

I have discovered that Leslie over at CQ International has a project underway in joint effort with Hideko in Japan to create quilts that will become part of an exhibit there ... money will be raised by viewings of the quilts and eventually they'll be auctioned off and the proceeds donated to a charity chosen by Hideko.

You can get full details by clicking on the link below. Sane or CQ ... it's up to you.

Hearts and Hands for Sendai

8" blocks are the requested size ... it's one small thing we can do. It's work from the heart ... and from our hands ... that can & will make a difference ... and make our world just a bit smaller ... by showing support & compassion on an international scale to some of those who have been affected by this catastrophic event.

Imagine the hope we can share ... complete strangers half a world away giving their talents to help comfort & support ... and let them know we care.

Trust me when I tell you ... the donation of one block and a few dollars ... will make your heart feel so good! We have a chance here to show how much strength there can be in numbers!

I hope that more of you out there will find it in your heart to accept this challenge.

May God Bless You ... if you do!

Hugs .. Marie

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