Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Quake In Japan

It's like "waitng for the other shoe to fall" ... on the heels of one quake ... there are sure to be aftershocks ... and that seems to have come today.
I had to work until 9 ... but one of my co-workers happened to hear on the news about this second one.  My first question to him was "Where?" ... but all he had heard was Japan.

When I came home ... DH had the TV tuned to Citypulse 24 ... our local station that has all of the latest breaking news ... and my heart saddened when I heard them include Sendai in the report. 

I immediately went to Hideko's blog to see if there was any further news ... but no new info there.

Hoping & praying that all is okay for her & her family.

Added afterward : while searching for more info about this last quake ... found that it was about 40 miles from Sendai ... but also found riveting You Tube video clips of the March 11th devistation.
The Helicopter footage is phenominal!

Reality is overwhelming ... and personally even moreso resolves my desire to help!

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