Friday, April 15, 2011

Blank Canvas # 2 Awaits & Confessions of a Really Crazy Quilter!

Spent the day playing ... and the fruits of my labours is a completed second block ready to stitch.

It takes me a lot longer to piece a block than most I'm sure.  I do it by hand.  Oh ... I do have a machine ... but it's really old ... and cranky ... so I don't even bother with it anymore. 

Add to that ... I don't do "flip & sew".  I do it by pattern.  Crazy you say?  So ... it's Crazy Quilting!

While the set-up is time-consuming ... I find it more precise.  I can also select the best features of what a piece of fabric can yield ... especially when it comes to prints ... it's much easier to position a pattern piece over the exact section I want from it ... pin it place and just trim.  I mark the selvages to make sure I remember to leave extra fabric where I need it.  I tend to position my seam line on the straight grain of the fabric ... so it doesn't stretch the wrong way in the sewing process.

There is a big bonus to doing it this way in that I can re-use the pattern again.
I did that with the Portholes project ... though I actually used 3 or 4 differnt ones.  I simply store all the bits in a Zip-loc ... and save them for another day!

I've also done it again for my second block ... only the design got flipped horizontally.  This time my centre piece has the point downward ... and my first inclination is to work it into a heart ... then proceed from there.

I will get a scan of it to share ... but that may have to wait until the morning ... kids & I decded to go out for dinner to the Imperial Buffet ... and just too full right now to go up to the box to which the scanner is attached ... load it on the jump drive & come back down (long story short ... old box upstairs is no longer hooked to the Net ... is turtle slow ... about ready to fully crash ... and only good for a few things ... like scanning ... and I pray it will co-operate every time I turn it on).

So ... think I'll spend a bit of time tonight just letting the new block "speak to me" ... maybe get some mental images of what I want to do & where ... then get to stitching tomorrow.

Last day of freedom ... then it's back to the grind on Sunday.

Later  ... Marie

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