Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finished My 1st Block!

So here it is all finished now.  Added Alton Loop lilies on the bottom right corner, plumed reeds above that, a woven seam topped with a row of garnet hearts, stitched that cloudy lace in place & then carried the clouds across the sky.

The leaves at the bottom centre looked too bare so I went over again & filled it in.  The blueish cast-on row did get beads added & finished with bullions to close.

Throughout the block I stitched an armada of tiny gold butterflies.  They are beautiful creatures of nature ... gentle as a breeze ... and always remind me how awesome nature's creations are.  They bring me a simple joy ... something so welcome on a summer day ... a captured feeling I wanted to share with those who have endured so much. 

Butterflies come back ... life goes on ... healing & rebulding will follow ... all in time.

Hugs ... Marie


Debbie said...

Beautiful block, Marie!

Marie Alton said...

Thanks Deb ... have started piecing another tonight ... so far just pulled out fabrics I might use ... tomorrow will look again to see what will actually include.
Need to let them call to me for a bit.

Ann Flowers said...

Your first block turned out so lovely I really like the flowers on the bottom right. Also the flowers in the middle green leaves with red. beautiful job all around:)

Ann Flowers

Bear said...

A very beautiful Block Marie,
love n hugs Bear xoxox

piney cq said...

Just beautiful Marie! Thank you so very much!!

Pat Winter said...

Marie, it is beautiful!
Hugs,Pat....will email you today to catch up :-)

MosaicMagpie said...

Love the "Alton Loop Lillies"! The roses are so beautiful, I wish you lived next door so I could watch you create them.

Marie Alton said...

Hi everybody!

Thanks so much for your ecouraging comments!

While I haven't stitched in a long while ... it's like riding a bike!
Didn't forget how & just picked up where I left off.
Hugs ... Marie

Cathy K said...

Lovely block, Marie! Your design is very balanced and flowing - love the lilies! Hugs, Cathy

Connie said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Cathy!
Thanks ... balance ... yup that's what us Librans are all about I suppose! I like to pull colours from one segment to implement on another so that the eye gets that sense of cohesiveness.

Hi Connie ... thanks! I was pleased at how it came together... especially because it's been a long time since I've stitched. But this is a cause that I want to be part of ... created from the heart ... so the hands simply did what was required of them.

The second block is now underway ... and so far I'm equally as pleased.

Hugs ... Marie

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