Thursday, April 28, 2011

Paulette ... RIP

It's always sad to have to say goodbye ... but sadder still when someone too young has lost a valiant fight against that awful consumer of the living ... cancer.

Paulette was a co-worker.  She found out two years ago that she had a tumor growing in her.  She was so scared ... as I'm sure any of us would be to be told this ... but once the diagnosis was confirmed ... she resolved with every fibre of her being to fight it ... to do whatever she had to ... to buy more time.

Initial  treatment was encouraging.  Chemotherapy did help to slow and shrink this invasive predator ... and she was able to hope that it could be beaten ... but alas ... it proved to be stronger than she could fight ... and on Easter Sunday ... she was overcome by it ... and passed away.

Her funeral service was this morning ... I decided I had to go ... to pay last respects to this courageous lady. 

Needless to say that her family is devistated ... her two sons and her DH were openly distraught ...but remembered her with such loving thoughts ... that simply moved everyone to tears.

I kept thinking of others I've lost to the same demise ... felt their pain at being helpless to change the outcome ... and missing a life lost to this tragic disease.  Never easy ... painfully final.

Rest in peace Paulette ... your fight is over ... may you enjoy life everlasting ... free from the pain and suffering.  We will miss your bright smile.


Pat Winter said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Gentle hugs,

MosaicMagpie said...

Thinking of you and Paulette's family.

Marie Alton said...

Thanks for your caring messages ... Pat & Deb ,,, I appreciate your heartfelt condolences ... she really was a special person ... and it was sad that she wasn't able to experience more of what life has to offer. Cancer is so indescrimenant ... sad but true.

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