Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sendai # 2 - Bare Block

I did get the block scanned this morning for you to see.  I think you can grasp more clearly why I'm partial to the pattern piecing method.  I was able to put the one beautiful butterfly smack-dab centre on the first piece ... one large leaf on the top left corner & at the bottom right a different scene from the same fabric that was the centre on the first block.

The fabric in the centre was from one of those ties I scored a couple years back at Goodwill.  It has brighter threads through it that don't show very well here ... blue, pink & gold ... which I used for other patches of the block.

Enough talk ... time to rock!


Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Marie, Your crazy quilt blocks are gorgeous... and your embroidery is absolutely amazing!!!

Marie Alton said...

Thanks Gwen! If you can believe it ... this is the first stitching I've done in a looonnngggg time ... as those darned beads had me in their spell for the longest time.

I was pleased with the finished first one ... then immediately proceeded to the second as momentum was underway ... not to mention there were other colours & components that I wanted to use that just didn't go with the first.

So far the second is coming along as I'd hoped ... stitched for quite a whle today ... even took it to my Blood donation appointment ... to get more done. Got into quite a conversation with a fellow donor about stitching.

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