Friday, April 1, 2011

Sendai Block So Far

So ... in a nutshell here's how the block looks now after the recent aforementioned additions.

I had to add a few more roses on the bottom right side to fill it in more ... I had deliberately left it spare thinking that I was going to add that piece of lace there ... but after playing with it for a while decided ... mmm ... no.  That was not where it belonged ... especially after I put it where it is now.

It kinda reminded me of clouds ... whispy & swirling ... blowing in from the east ... and well that's quite appropriate ... as Hideko's blog is called Winds From the East!

I'm planning on extrapilating on that at the top ... maybe adding more whisps of clouds and some birds to fill the sky.  On that garnet red patch on the right I may add some reeds & plumes which will also bend as if being blown by easterly breezes .

The half wagon wheels on the bottom right corner got ripped out twice ... first the spacing was off .. the next the spacing per section just was not what I wanted ... apparently third time's a charm.

The Cast-on scallop row on the bottom left patch seems to need more ... might be a good place to add some beads.  (Can you believe it?  Not one of them on there so far?!!)

I have a special idea for the small bits of fabric on various patches ... one particular thing I decided would fit on all ... but I'll show that on the final reveal! 

Okay ... so now I think I'm gonna go stitch for a bit!


Linda H said...

It's lookin' good Marie...

black bear cabin said...

it looks beautiful...i love your roses!

MosaicMagpie said...

I agree the lace motif does look like a swirling cloud. You are doing a beautiful job.

Marie Alton said...

Well thanks everyone! I am enjoying this block and glad that it's coming together so well.

This being only the beginning of April & the blocks not due in till the end of June ... I'm seriously contemplating more than one now ... God knows I have enough stash ... and some ideas I had didn't seem to go with this one but could be incorporated on another.

So ... we'll just see!

Hugs ... Marie

Rose Anne B said...

WOW Marie that is beautiful!!! Look forward to seeing it finished. I also love your opening paragraph on the Tsunami entry!

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