Wednesday, April 13, 2011

They Were There!

Tsunami ... we who have no possible chance of experiencing this phenomial force of nature in our personal environments will find it hard to fathom the degree of devistation that it can unleash.
If you have the stomach to watch ... the link above will take you to a first-hand account ... and powerful raw footage of the event as it was captured in real time ... these people were there!

It will scare you ... it might even bring you to tears for their plight ... but it will also impact on you the need for our help ... however small it may be ... in light of the seemingly insurmountable task of these people to start rebuilding their lives and their nation.

If you haven't already done so ... I urge you to consider adding your name to the growing list of stitchers who have found it in their hearts to give what they can ... to create a block ... crazy or sane ... to help the initiative started by CQI International ... Hearts & Hands for Sendai ... to create quilts that will ultimately raise funds to help a small portion of those people directly affected.

I've added two links on my sidebar that will take you to blogs where you can find out all you need to know about how to get involved.

I'm nearing completion of my first block ... and now intend on submitting another ... my heart dictates to the need ... and I'm proud that my hands can help ... in some small way ... to make a difference.

Hugs ... Marie


piney cq said...

It certainly reinforces the purpose of Hearts and Hands! Thank you for sharing the link!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Leslie ... My thoughts exactly!
It's one thing to be comfortable in our personal secure environments ... but when you see first-hand the nightmarish reality of others ... OMG ... how can we not want to do something to help?!
Hugs ... Marie

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