Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sharing Sendai Block #2

Instead of making you scroll down to see the "before" picture, I decided to start with it on this post so that you could quickly see how it transformed ... from the bare state to the finished one.

The starting point for this block was the heart.  I wanted it to be like a floral wreath ... and just add as my creativity dictated from there.  I kept thinking ... from the darkness of dispair ... into the light of hope ... and to life continuing in the face of adversity.

The butterfly at the centre caught me up ... quite close to what we know here as a Mourning Cloak.

If one creature in nature could be so reprisentative of a feeling ... surely this one seemed to fit.

Seam by seam & patch by patch I kept adding things as my inspiration dictated.   Once the heart wreath was in place, I felt compelled to complete the tree at the bottom.  I had cut off the greenery that completed the original scene ... but replaced it with a different look ...  a wonderous full-blooming Flowering Crab that I sooo love to see this time of year.

Then I decided to add the vine with the pink florettes and heart-shaped leaves.

On the bottom right ... I added the script For Sendai and surrounded it with Griffin Rose Buds in yellow for remembrance ... of all the lives lost in this devistating event.

Spring here was obviously on my mind when I added the Lilac spray on the upper left corner.  I am fortunate to have an awesome bush out back of my yard ... and just had to add the bouquet of them!

Upper right ... the blue & cream seam treatment came out of the blue ... but left a patch of pink bare ... filled in with a bunch of laser-etched roses ... I was going to add leaves & such ... but decided that their basic beauty needed nothing more.

Last but not least ... Forget-me-nots.  Thank you Pat for reminding me how welcome these spring flowers are ... they' re taking over my small backyard as we speak ... but I welcome them  and their cheery disposition ... they bring joy & colour to my world and to the rest of the world.

So ... there ya go ... it`s done and I`m happy with it!



Sharon said...

Marie it is beautiful just exquiste...

Debbie said...

That's absolutely beautiful, Marie! You seam treatments are amazing. Wish we can see a better detail of the piece.

Marie Alton said...

Hi... Sharon thanks! Glad you enjoyed it and that you've decided to follow along.

Debbie ... I've enlarged the pic & will post to the H & H for Sendai file. Let me know if there's something specific you want more info on.

Diane said...


I had the opportunity to see your beautiful blocks for Sendai up close at the Colorado retreat last week. You are the silk ribbon queen!
Lesley has done a wonderful job of turning the blocks into about 6 different hangings, and they are truly works of art. I felt the love that went into this huge project and I was amazed at the variety and detail. For sure some of these blocks are the stitcher's best work.


Marie Alton said...

Thanks Diane!
What a treat it must have been to see all of those blocks up close!

I was overwhelmed seeing them posted ... so you must have been in heaven!

Hugs ... Marie

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