Saturday, June 25, 2011

As Expected ... She Cried !

Yup ... we managed to pull off the surprise as planned!

Diane had no idea (until she got to there) that it was a bigger event than she thought!

She was totally shocked to find a whole bunch at the table ... when she thought that only three of them were having dinner ... yes!  Gotta love when a surprise is a surprise!

I had the dubious honour of presenting her with the card and her "Honeymoon Cash" gift (over $350.00) and ... ya ... she was swept up with emotions ... and cried ... joyful tears!

All of the planning and scheming was worth it ... we had a really fun night ... and now she can let it all sink in as she has a week off for holidays.

Her next holiday booked off is for the wedding ... but she has promised to take all of us with her in her suitcase (via the card) ... to Jamaica!  Sweet!

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