Saturday, June 4, 2011

So , Here's The Latest Episode on my Roller Coaster!

Of all rides at any Amusement Park ... my least favourite has always been the Roller Coaster.

But life ... anyone's life ... is typically that ... a big freakin' Roller Coaster ride!

I guess it really has been a couple of weeks since I posted anything ... and where the heck did May go???   Okay so now we're into June ... and it was weird how all of a sudden it now seems to be ... summer!

The rain seemed to disappear ... and warmth & sun seemed to magically appear ... until today ... when thunder storms were prevalent.   That weather band seems to have moved through ... and back to clearing skies. YAY!

I did manage to scan in the pics of the Twin Frames ... but damned if the box upstairs didn't crash!  Yup ... you guessed it ... with the pics still on there!  I hate when that happens!  DH has promised to move the scanner for me ... but may have to get Amy to snap pics & send to me now that she has possesion of them.

I've taken on a new project for work ... seems my last big card was such a hit ... that I was asked to do another for the next big event ... Diane's wedding!

Speaking of Roller Coasters ... her life has been one too the past few years ... especially having to go through her mother's cancer fight ... then her passing after losing the fight ... so it was fabulous when she told us that she & Les were formally engaged & going to get married in August ... in Jamaica no less!

You know those times when you've found out that someone is going away to some really great place ... and wanted to get taken along packed in their suitcase? ... well ... I finally figured out how that can work!  Via a big card!

I am going to insist that she take us all to Jamaica!  Inside the card I penned a small poem ... and without reiterating it completely now ... suffice it to say that the message conveys that we will be with her as she & Les say their " I do"s.

I'll save a thousand words trying to describe the card ... Mel will get some pics for me to share when it's finished ... so you'll just have to wait a wee while until it's done.

This past week was devistating for my DH.  One of his co-workers ... someone who he's worked closely with for over ten years ... dropped dead from a massive coronary ... a mere 52 years old!  DH turns 51 in a couple of months ... so hit him pretty hard.  Guess it left him feeling his mortality ... as well as the loss of a valued fellow employee.  Pretty much sucks.

And as if that weren't enough to deal with ... my Mom ended up in hospital too with "drug-induced dementia" ... after her doctor changed up her long-time medication!  Seems these changes had an adverse affect & now hospital staff is putting her through a barrage of tests to get her back on track ... she was home briefly ... but ordered back by the doctor for further evaluation.

Lord ... give me strength!

This too shall pass ... but it certainly  increases the stress levels.  The Roller Coaster ride continues!


Pat Winter said...

Yes, the roller coaster continues...hang in there my friend, or should I say hang ON!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hope things turn out better for your mom.. medication over prescribing by Doctors seems to be a common problem.. a friend of my mothers almost died from being prescribed too many different drugs on top of each other.. He had to go to a hospital in Boston to get off (on his own dime.. more like $20,000.00) them slowly and to be able to learn to walk again... It is a sad thing when doctors cannot be trusted anymore.

Marie Alton said...

Hi All,
That old addage ... "if it ain't broke ... then don't fix it" seems to come to mind. Seems this particular doctor found it more of a priority to put Mom's kidneys (which were fine) as a higher priority than her mental wellbeing ... and added something that initated the problems!

At the grand age of 85 ... and after having had her most problematic events with her mental health ... I just don't understand the reasoning behind the change in medication ... hopefully the other doctors now involved will straighten this out & make her right again.

It's been stressful ... for no apparent reason!

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