Friday, June 17, 2011

While The Cat's Away . . .

So we busy little beavers have been scurrying about in secret to organize a surprise for Diane who thinks this event is something else ...and as she booked a few days off to visit her neice in Ottawa ... we can get  going in earnst & not fear getting caught!

The card is smaller than the one I had done for Jenny ... as I wanted to make sure it'd fit in her suitcase!  Yup ... we're all going to Jamaica ... at least our hearts will be!
Here's a shot of the envelope ... hearts & flowers & bubbly!

and the poem that's computer-scripted inside

and here's all of our hearts ... some messages added & more to come.

The card front is a compilation of pics cut from gift bags ...with scallop-edge scissors that cost a whole $1.00 ... which I also used to cut the inside hearts with!

Also found & used Gliiter Glue pens to add just a wee bit of sparkle ... hearts on the card & trim on the envelope ... even bubbles over the champagne glasses on the envelope!

Yup ... it was cheap fun ... but turned out way cool!
I'm expecting there will be tears of joy when we present this and donations
to her "Honey Moon Fund" at the dinner we're planning next Friday eve!

Will tell more about that after the event!

Hugs ... Marie

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