Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alive & Kicking ... But Hot!

Well ... I haven't fallen off the face of the earth ... I've just been busy ... and/or haven't found time to actually sit down & catch up.

I had heard that this summer was forecasted to be hot & dry ... and so far it has been exactly that.

But ... there's hot and then there's HOT!  This past Thursday was just ridiculous!  Oppresive heat!  It was the first time ever that I closed the Garden Centre ... because of the heat/humidity!  Nobody in their right mind was looking to garden that day anyway!

So much going on recently that has been distracting me too.  I recently aquired a new family doctor ... after not having seen one for several years ... and he insisted on a full  regimen of tests ... everything from bloodwork to mammogram and a Bone Density Scan ... and while that was not my initial reason for going to see him ... thought it was prudent to cover a wide spectrum ... to see what was up with my general health.

I wasn't quite prepared to learn that I have severe osteoporosis.

For several years now I've been having issues with various types of pain ... mostly joint pain ... specifically in my knees ... and hands.  But to think that my interior structure is weakening to the point where I have to worry about the possibility of fracturing things ... like my spine or hip bones ... wellll's downright disconcerting!

I've never had a broken bone in my life ... and now I have to worry that any false move could do just that.  It's kind of scarey.

Upon medical advise I have begun a calcium supplement regimen ... but repelled the suggested therapy of a drug called Fosamax ... which is supposed to help strengthen bone ... but that apparently has alternative affects in a small percentage of patients ... my sister being one ... something diagnosed as Jaw Death ... when the drug basically causes the jaw bones to weaken.

Needless to say when my doctor suggested this treatment ... I categoracally declined.  His response was to recommend me to a specialist. 

After an appointment with same this past week ... who actually understood my concern ... recommended a different course for treatment ... so we'll see how that pans out.  I already have an appointment to see him next year after the two bi-annual treatments ... I guess that's all I can do for now ... except to be careful about my daily routine ... so as not to put myself at risk with activities that could cause a problem.

It sucks getting old ... and even more so when it adds to having to worry about things that could dibilitate me.

I have too much to do ... and don't want to have to worry about such things ... but it doesn't do any good to ignore the possibility of it happening.  Caught between the rock & the perverbial hard place.

Life goes on.


Linda H said...

Marie, Sorry to hear of your recent worrisome health issues. Perhaps that gives you a good excuse to treat yourself to some yummy cool treats on hot days, like ice cream and yogurt...

Pat Winter said...

Oh Marie, Fosomax almost killed my mom. Don't do it. It had an awful effect on her and if I wouldn't have taken her off of it when I did I'm sure she would have not been here or bed ridden today. It weakened her until she could no longer get out of a chair. Ask your doctor about Reclast please.Yes, it plainly sucks getting old and I'm feeling it at age 51.Hang in there my friend,PAt

Marie Alton said...

Hi Linda
I like your advice ... yummy treats that would be just what the doctor ordered ... calcium!

Hi Pat ... I totally declined the Fosomax because of what my sister went through ... but also neglected to mention that my sister is involved in a class-action law suit against the makers of same ... something you might want to look into on your Mom's behalf. There was info on this when I did a Google search.
The specialist told me that the Jaw Death side affect was rare ... but I know of three cases already ... so maybe it's affecting a larger number than known!

He's prescribed me with something called Prolia ... which is apparently a relatively new treatment ... but that he has seen very positive results with ... so I'm going to trust in his knowledge for now and reassess in a year.

Thank you both for your caring concern!

Hugs ... Marie

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