Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 144th Canada!

1867 ... was the year this nation became one! 

I remember our Centennial ... I think I was probably like Grade 5 then ... and we celebrated it just before the end of the school year by honouring our past in costumes of our ancestors.  My Mom sewed a pioneer costume for me from brown & white checked gingham ... complete with a bonnet ... and I was so proud to wear this pioneer-type costume ... to pay hommage to those who forged this wonderful land.

They came from all parts of the world ... arriving here with hopes and dreams of a better life ... free from opressive government ... and war-torn environments.  They were not afraid of hard work ... and put forth every effort to achieve their goal ... to live in peace in a lifestyle that was productive & rewarding.

They never expected that it would be easy ... or that they would become rich ... but it was a better life than they had known ... and that was all that mattered.

My father was born during my grandparents journey from Ukraine.  They made it as far as Poland when he was born ... spent some time there and arrived in Canada just after his second birthday.  They were farmers by trade ... and settled in Saskatchewan ... carrying on their inherant abilites there.

My Mom & her Mom were both born here ... but Grandma's parents arrived as newlyweds from Ukraine ... settling in Sandy Lake, Manitoba.  They were also from a farming background ... and continued with their trade here.

I suppose I've enjoyed the richness of an immigrant past ... as it has been instilled in me from a very young age.  I was taught things that were important to them ... like stitching ... and growing things ... and preserving the fruits of your labours to save for the winter months ... when opening a jar of preserves brought you all the wonderful bounty that was summer.

I am glad to be one of the fortunate people to call Canada my home ... and native land!

Raising a pint ... of what else ... than "Canadian" to this awesome country of ours!!! 

Cheers ... to 144 years!

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