Monday, August 29, 2011

Meet Jasmine!

Kids can surprise you ... okay that is putting it mildly ... they can make you shake your head and wonder sometimes when they decide they want something ... unusual!

This is Jasmine ... Melanie's new pet.  She is a Yellow Belly Ball Python.
We picked her up yesterday & she's now getting aquainted with her new environment.

I suppose it's the lesser of two evils ... because before this she was contemplating spending her hard-earned money on an elaborate tattoo ... in the wake of several peircings (ears, nose & belly button).

In general Mel is a good kid ... I've never had to fish her out of a police station ... or worse had her brought to the door by same (for all the neighbours to see) ... so indulge her whimsical notions.

As far as pets go ... this baby is rather economical ... she only feeds about once a week ... yup one frozen mouse will do her ... and they cost about $2.00 each.

The cats don't know what to make of this new creature ... Kota doesn't seem to care for it at all!
He used to enjoy watching the fish swimming around in the tank ... but they're gone now and this thing is just ... welll ...not a fish.  After their first encounter ... he ran from the room muttering!
We'll see what the long term brings.

I personally have not gotten up enough courage to hold her ... but in time I may ... maybe.
It's not that I don't want to ... it's just uncharted territory for me too ... at the moment!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

So Long, Ross French!

Ross French has been our "fix - it" guy for nearly ten years ..... and now he's due to retire!
He's soft-spoken ... he gets in & does what needs doing ... and moves on to the next job.
We are going to miss his professional abilities around here.


We wanted to give him a keepsake ... and this card included some pics
as well as messages from all of the residents thanking him for his dedicated service.


My friend & fellow board member Val penned the poem & took the pics around the co-op.

I cut out and pasted exactly enough little houses for each unit ... plus an extra one for the office.

Each small house was labelled with a Unit # so that residents could add their own message.


We ( The Board of Directors) took him out to The Mandarin Restaurant for a
Farewell dinner ... and presented him with this card.  He was thrilled!

So long Ross French ... we're all gonna miss you!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy 1st BD to The Twins!

Happy BD You Two
Happy BD You Two
Happy BD Aiden & Alex ...
Happy BD You Two!

That's how ya sing Happy BD to twins!

My how time flies!  These li'l monkeys turned 1 today!

Getting so big ... and almost walking!

Love & Hugs ... Aunt Marie

Saturday, August 13, 2011

OH YEAH ... I Can Scan Again!

Hardware frustrates me ... when it's all hooked up & running smoothly its great ... but when you find yourself with a great scanner hooked up to a dead computer ... well that sucks!

So ... yesterday I finally did something about it ... unplugged it from the dead one ... and after re-organzing the computer station downstairs got it hooked up to the one that works.  I did have driver issues that DH had to help with ... but it's all good now!

I've got lots of little goodies that I've been tinkering with ... aimed at ArtFire !

Some of you may know that they have recently made changes that pretty much eliminated the "basic" memberships ... so PRO I go!

I've added some beaded CQ motifs ... that'd be perfect for adding sparkle & pizazz to a project ... & they could even be used to secure a cabachon or frame a ciggie!  There's a few up already ... and a bunch more on the way ... just as soon as I get them scanned!

As I've been light on the visuals of late ... thought I'd treat you to a project that is "hot off the press".

It started out as a motif until my brain decided to switch gears ... and now it is Neck Lace ... with earrings to match!  I like it so much ... I'm keeping it ... but hey ... I may be making more!


Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Official ... Amy & Chris Are ... Engaged!

Isn't this gorgeous?!!!

I heard it said (some time ago) that "People still get married, buy houses, & have children ...
but not necessarily in that order!"  True enough for Amy & Chris. 

Priorities change when you find out that twins are in your future!
They bought a home together and got settled in ... and the nursery ready!
They also had to move my brother (Amy's Dad) in too ... so there was a lot on the go!

Welll ...those two l'il dickens are almost a year now ... August 25th to be exact!
They took their first family vacation altogether ... to Newfoundland ... to meet Chris's family!

With the sea and icebergs as a backdrop ... Chris got down on one knee ... and proposed!
Amy cried for ten minutes ... then after she regained her composure said YES!

They're planning the wedding for next year in September ... but wisely checking out locations now.
Amy has a friend who is a wedding planner ... and will be helping them with arrangements ...
and booking the venue now was the first thing on her list!

It seems like a long time away ... but at the speed of life these days ...
it'll be here before they know it!

Big Hugs ... Love ... Aunt Marie

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Cards For Life Events!

Like Nana Roseanna Danna used to say ... "It's always something!"

OMG ... I've created a perverbial monster!

These cards I've been creating seem to fit the bill so readily for a wide variety of occasions that I've created several more recently for BIG events!

( I swear I'm gonna have to clue Hallmark in to this untapped market ... maybe even offer my designs up for sale!)

Mel has taken pics for me ... but need to get them from her computer to this one ... after they get downsized to a portable format ... as they're just too large to put on the Jump Drive,

A Baby Shower ... A Retirement ... and a Farewell Amanda are the most recent creations!

Jennifer is due sometime later this month with a baby ... Ross is retiring after 10 years as our reliable  Maintenance Guru at the co-op ... and a gal that has worked for me for five years just landed an awesome job at a resort out in Banff, Alberta as a Reservations Clerk ... the very field she's been going to school for!

How can these awesome life events not be appreciated?!!

The fact of these matters are that these special people/events were celebrated with custom unique cards that celebrates them ... and that my friends is reward enough ... in that each of them will feel special in their own right ... which they are.

I'm fortunate to have a talent that can create special things for special people ... and it doesn't have to have a monetary value attached ... when the end result  is the reward of making someone feel special ... just because they are.

Visuals will follow ... as soon as I can post them!

Hugs ... Marie

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