Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Official ... Amy & Chris Are ... Engaged!

Isn't this gorgeous?!!!

I heard it said (some time ago) that "People still get married, buy houses, & have children ...
but not necessarily in that order!"  True enough for Amy & Chris. 

Priorities change when you find out that twins are in your future!
They bought a home together and got settled in ... and the nursery ready!
They also had to move my brother (Amy's Dad) in too ... so there was a lot on the go!

Welll ...those two l'il dickens are almost a year now ... August 25th to be exact!
They took their first family vacation altogether ... to Newfoundland ... to meet Chris's family!

With the sea and icebergs as a backdrop ... Chris got down on one knee ... and proposed!
Amy cried for ten minutes ... then after she regained her composure said YES!

They're planning the wedding for next year in September ... but wisely checking out locations now.
Amy has a friend who is a wedding planner ... and will be helping them with arrangements ...
and booking the venue now was the first thing on her list!

It seems like a long time away ... but at the speed of life these days ...
it'll be here before they know it!

Big Hugs ... Love ... Aunt Marie


Gwen Buchanan said...

Sweet story... my very best wishes to Amy & Chris and family, present and future!!!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Gwen ... We're all thrilled!

Chris is a wonderful guy & and a very hands-on Dad ... which is a great help with the twins!

Hugs ... Marie

black bear cabin said...

such exciting news...congrats to all!

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