Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Cards For Life Events!

Like Nana Roseanna Danna used to say ... "It's always something!"

OMG ... I've created a perverbial monster!

These cards I've been creating seem to fit the bill so readily for a wide variety of occasions that I've created several more recently for BIG events!

( I swear I'm gonna have to clue Hallmark in to this untapped market ... maybe even offer my designs up for sale!)

Mel has taken pics for me ... but need to get them from her computer to this one ... after they get downsized to a portable format ... as they're just too large to put on the Jump Drive,

A Baby Shower ... A Retirement ... and a Farewell Amanda are the most recent creations!

Jennifer is due sometime later this month with a baby ... Ross is retiring after 10 years as our reliable  Maintenance Guru at the co-op ... and a gal that has worked for me for five years just landed an awesome job at a resort out in Banff, Alberta as a Reservations Clerk ... the very field she's been going to school for!

How can these awesome life events not be appreciated?!!

The fact of these matters are that these special people/events were celebrated with custom unique cards that celebrates them ... and that my friends is reward enough ... in that each of them will feel special in their own right ... which they are.

I'm fortunate to have a talent that can create special things for special people ... and it doesn't have to have a monetary value attached ... when the end result  is the reward of making someone feel special ... just because they are.

Visuals will follow ... as soon as I can post them!

Hugs ... Marie

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