Saturday, August 13, 2011

OH YEAH ... I Can Scan Again!

Hardware frustrates me ... when it's all hooked up & running smoothly its great ... but when you find yourself with a great scanner hooked up to a dead computer ... well that sucks!

So ... yesterday I finally did something about it ... unplugged it from the dead one ... and after re-organzing the computer station downstairs got it hooked up to the one that works.  I did have driver issues that DH had to help with ... but it's all good now!

I've got lots of little goodies that I've been tinkering with ... aimed at ArtFire !

Some of you may know that they have recently made changes that pretty much eliminated the "basic" memberships ... so PRO I go!

I've added some beaded CQ motifs ... that'd be perfect for adding sparkle & pizazz to a project ... & they could even be used to secure a cabachon or frame a ciggie!  There's a few up already ... and a bunch more on the way ... just as soon as I get them scanned!

As I've been light on the visuals of late ... thought I'd treat you to a project that is "hot off the press".

It started out as a motif until my brain decided to switch gears ... and now it is Neck Lace ... with earrings to match!  I like it so much ... I'm keeping it ... but hey ... I may be making more!



black bear cabin said...

congrats on getting things hooked up again...thats always such a chore! that necklace is wonder you are keeping it :) happy crafting!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Lisa ... I do feel a certain sense of relief at being able to get more visuals ... while DD is really good with her new camera ... her social agenda often leaves me hanging ... waiting to get pics from her ( 3 cards now are my case in point).

To someone like you who has a talent for using a camera and then doing cool stuff with the resulting images ... it may seem odd that I find this technology "challenging" ... some things we're good at ... other things may as well be rocket science!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Ooh - I can see why you're keeping this one! Very kewl.

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