Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 ... Ten Years After

I know we all remember the horror vividly ... it was a catastorphic event that shook us ... to the very core.
We stared in disbelief that such an unbelievable disasterous event could be happening as we watched ... that the lives of so many innocent people could be lost ... fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, firefighters, police officers ... paramedics ... all who had no idea that this would be their last day of life ... 2,977 was the final official count of the victims that day.

My niece Sarah was born on September 4th that year ...  my sister recalled standing & rocking her new baby ... as she watched the events on TV ... crying openly ... and feeling such grief for all mothers out there ... who had lost their children ... but at the same time feeling blessed with this new sweet creature in her arms.

My niece Amber's birthday is September 11th ... it was her worst birthday ever!  Who could feel happy on such a day ...knowing the awful things that happened?  At that time she was already becoming socially concious ... and realized what the whole event meant to all of those families affected by the loss of loved ones!  It took her a long time to shake  off the grief ... and to this day never forgets what happened on her 15th birthday.

This year Sarah turned 10  ... and shared her day with several friends ... the way kids should.

This year Amber turned 25 ... yup ... a whole quarter century ... and is currently going to school to become a paramedic.

I'm not certain if those specific events had any bearing on her career focus ... but she is determined to follow her heart.  Maybe it's her way of sharing her giving spirit in light of the trauma she felt back then.

Time is the healer of all wounds ... & I pray that it has been for the families of every soul lost on that tragic day.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Very well written Marie - thank you.

Marie Alton said...

Hi MA ... although we were not as directly afftected as those who lost loved ones ... or who saw the horror first hand ... I know it affected us all by being witness to it.

I have to say that I'm relieved there were no incidents of terrorism on the commemoration date ... especially in light of the demise of the purpretrator.

Hugs ... Marie

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