Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birthday Coming ... and that means ... a BD Draw!

I keep telling myself ... "You're not getting older ... you're getting better!"
My body keeps telling me ... "Yup ... you're getting older!"  Ugh!

Ahhhh to be twenty something again ... a physical impossibility I know ... but I try to do it mentally!

October 1st is the day ... Kids & Dad are taking me out for dinner ... and that's all I really want!  Don't need any presents ... but I'm going to give one!

I do apologize for being "late out of the gate" ... I'm having issues with the downstairs computer ... it won't let me get onto the Net ... have to wait for DH to find out what's up with that!  Mel let me use her box to get on-line.

For several years now I have taken up a tradition started by Nora Creeach ... a dear departed e-friend.  It was a book I won in one of her BD draws that led to an epiphany & triggered my ability to create patterns!  I can't say that will happen for you with this gift ... but it will be something cool created by moi!

My dear followers ... your names are automatically entered into the Lucky Tin for the draw ... and a comment post will get you a second entry! Other readers may enter too by posting a comment!

I'll draw the winner after my BD Dinner on Oct. 1st.

Good Luck to all!

Birthday Wishes & Hugs also going out to two of my fellow Libran stitchers ... the amazing Pat Winter ... whose BD is the day before mine ... and who incidentally is having a huge BD Draw of her own ... and to the awesome Betty Pillsbury ... a few days after mine ... I still have fond memories of that stitching weekend in Markham!  It was so great to learn so much from you!

Hugs ... Marie


black bear cabin said...

any one of your creations would be a real treasure...sign me up (again...since im a follower already) :)
and happy fantabulous wonderous birthday!!!!
most of my friends were born in October...a good month for creative folk i think! :)

Lesley said...

Happy Birthday to be! I am a follower, but thought I would leave a comment as well, being a sort of belt and braces kind of girl. But, oh dear! First comments never win, do good luck to everyone else, and I hope you have a truly wonderful day. Blessings

Marjolein said...

I wish you a very happy birthday and hope you will be stitching for a long time.

lakenreich said...

I am also getting older and better, I have yet to convice my body-LOL. Alittle slower (alot), a little more joint pain, my hair won't cooperate and the wrinkles-oh well-I certainly appreciate life more and that's a good thing.
Happy birthday!! Leslie K

Lelia said...

Happy Birthday!

Debbie S. said...

I hope you have a great b-day. Mine is the 26th I hope to go out for dinner on mine also.

Pat Winter said...

You are only getting me. I shared your drawing on my blog. I was inspired to do birthday drawings because of Nora too. She was one special lady.
Happy Birthday early and many many more!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'd sing, but you know that isn't such a good idea....hope you're having the most wonderful of birthdays and that your dinner tonight is delish!! Happy Birthday!!

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