Monday, September 5, 2011

Labour of Love Day !

Labour Day Weekend ... the last long weekend of the summer ... and I had to labour!

Yup ... it was my weekend on ... but the store is closed today for the holiday and tomorrow is my day off so it worked out okay.

I suppose Labour Day in general is meant to recognize the efforts of all who work ... and who have over the years contributed to building strong nations ... affording us the bountiful lifestyle we enjoy today.

I for one spent the day labouring at what I love most ... creative endeavours!  I had a few ideas simmering ... and turned them into completed projects ... 4 and a half to be exact!  I'll get to scanning the finished ones in tomorrow ... and will have them up shortly on ArtFire for you to see.

For now I have to finish up with another form of labour ... laundry!

Hugs ... Marie

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