Thursday, September 1, 2011

PARTY ... Like You're ... ONE!

 Well ya know ... a special event ... like your first birthday ... there's gotta be fun ... and cake!
Those two li'l monkeys sure got a fun one!

 Uncle Chris came to visit for the day ... Alex got a photo op here with him.

Cake is not a regular item on the menu of any meal ... but hey's expected for your BD!
Yummy ... we like cake!

There were lots of fun presents ... and check out the cool new Cars chairs!

That's how ya party when you're ONE!


Gwen Buchanan said...

oh sweethearts.. they remind me of my twin grand children Callum and Ben...
kids are so darn cute!!!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Gwen!

They are totally cute! Right now Aiden makes strange ... but Alex is really outgoing. Both of them think Peek-a-boo is a riot ... even Aiden laughs at that.

For their BD I made a pair of harnesses that when they really GET MOVING ... Mom & Dad can have more control ... for now we're starting with a waist-tether that is adaptable to full upper torso rigging next year!

Amy was thrilled with these ... a little bit of "peace of mind" knowing that they can't stray farther than the end of the tether.

Hugs ... Marie

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