Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Evanescence ... AWESOME !

I haven't been to a concert in a very long time ... think the last one was Pink Floyd ( before kids with DH) so ... okay that was well over 20 years back!
Tonight I had the incredible adventure of seeing Evanescence LIVE and OMG it was an awesome show!

It was way cool that I enjoyed it as much as my daughter did!  Amy Lee has an incredibly powerful voice and such unforgetable talent ... the air was electric ... with the resounding echoes of all the TO fans singing along to all their faves as she belted them out (several time she just let the crowd sing the lyrics) ... interspersed with songs from her newest album (which I'm sure will be as succesful as the previous ones ... by the sound of what they shared!)

While it was a general admission show ... which translated into standing for the whole thing ... I wouldn't have missed it regardless ... but I think there should be a standing rule that us short people should be automatically be allowed front row spots ... really hard to try & catch a glimpse of the action while peaking between tall people!  I did resort to watching part of the show on monitors ... and even the cell phones of some of those tall people in front of me!

Still ... it was worth it ... and wouldn't have missed it for the world!

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black bear cabin said...

sounds like a great time with your daughter....however, i have to admit, the no seats thing would have been a deal breaker for me (im short too :)
i havent been to a concert in years...but i dont really miss it! the crowds, the lines (at the bathroom), the noise....yep...definitely signs of getting old :)

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