Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving !

MMMmmm ... I can almost smell that ham baking ... and all the fixin's that'll go with it ... like roasted sweet potatoes ... squash ... and baked stuffing!

Keep the Pumpkin Pie ... I'm going with luscious Carrot Muffins ... which will of course have a Cream Cheese frosting ... but Melanie decided to buy a piping bag from the shop where she works so they'll look extra decadent!

The weather is supposed to be awesome ... and I'm sooo thankful that I'm off to enjoy it!

Decided to play with a new background this morning ... a change is as good as a rest!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canuck friends ... what will you be enjoying?

Hugs ... Marie.


Linda H said...

Yummmm! Turkey, stuffing, apple jelly, squash, salad and apple pie. We have so much to be thankful for in this beautiful country! Enjoy a happy weekend Marie!

Pat Winter said...

LOL! For a minute I thought you had fallen and bumped your head when I read the post title, then I realized where you lived. Whew! Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend, the menu items sound so yummy! I'll be there in a bit :-)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Our menu will include turkey, cranberry sauce, hash brown potato casserole, roasted root vegetables, and pumpkin & lemon meringue pies. Yum!!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Linda ... Hope you enjoy ... and yes we do have so much to be thankful for living here! We have been blessed with freedom to live as we choose ... without fear of tyranny.

Well Pat ... Happy Colombus Day to you! I know we're earlier with Thanksgiving than you all ... but this always seems exactly the right time of year for it for me ... right in step with the harvest. Days are getting noticeably shorther ... fall colours are peaking ...and there's that crispness in the air!

Dear MA ... your menu is so absolutely traditional! Enjoy!

As usual ... ther will be more food than we can eat in one meal ... but the leftovers are as eagerly awaited! As I suspected DH had to do up some turkey ... so we have smoked and baked legs ... one of which he has gone to deliver to a bachelor friend ... to share the spirit.

Like two dozen Carrot Muffins weren't enough ... he also baked some Apple Cherry Raisin Tarts ... and some Granola Raisn tarts ... oh ... and an Apple Cherry Pie!

Oh ... did I forget to mention the BBQ'd Beef Ribs too? Men!

Like I said ... will enjoy those leftovers!

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