Monday, October 24, 2011

Hearts For Betty

Hurricanes are a phenominal force of nature ... that wreak havoc and create severe destruction in their wake.  Imagine back-to-back hurricanes!

Our dear friend Betty Pillsbury can tell you a thing or two about that experience ... and how she was affected ... suffering loss of crops (the full effect may not be known until spring) and household damages.

I saw the picture she shared of water flowing across her garden like a river ... crazy ... devistating.

My heart went out to her ... for having deal with it all ... and pray she can recover her business & crops next season.

I found a post on CQI from Cheryl Anderson ... inviting members to create Hearts For Betty ... to share heart ornaments as a show of support & caring for one individual who contributes so much to the stitching world through her amazing talent & teaching.

I had the opportunity to meet Betty at a stitching weekend many years ago ... and learned tons from her ... and in general the whole weekend was a blast ... especially the Downtown TO shopping trip!

So ... now my "heart" will really be going out to her ... as I will mail out my ornament today.

Yes ... I have pics and No you can't see ... at least until I know that she has seen it first!

Hugs ... Marie

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