Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Busy Busy Busy! BDs, Projects & Retail ... Oh My!

November is always a busy month for me ... both my kids are November babes ... so I don't even start thinking Christmas until ... well ... today!

Melanie's BD was November 13th ... yes my baby girl was born on a Friday no less ... so I've always thought of Friday the 13th as a pretty darned lucky day.

In Canada ... 19 is Legal age ... and it is with mixed feelings of relief and dismay that I  welcome this milestone in her life!

I have to say ... it was quite amusing to watch her do Birthday Shots with a couple of friends that we've known since Grade 3!  Tim treated to dinner and a huge bar tab ... but he also instigated many of the shots.  Her party was at the Bear & Firkin where he works ... and while he was actually working that night ... indulged in a few shots with the group.

Mommy lasted till 9:00 pm ... with only one drink for good cheer ... and headed home ... as she had been at work early that day ... & was pretty much done!

Tim's BD was yesterday ... and he wanted to go to the Imperial Buffet for dinner.  So we did ... and then afterward met up with his friends for some BD cheer.

This was his King Birthday ... born on the 21st ... and turning 21!  Now that's a special BD!

Both of their gifts this year were wallets. 

I was thrilled that ... weird as this may seem ... the very wallet that I chose for Mel. ... she was actually contemplating buying from Danier ... not two weeks ago ... but I was unaware of that when I bought it!

And Tim's ... was exactly right for what he needed ... a new one that was a bit more elegant  than his old raggy thing ...just enough for ID and cash ... and he was happy with it.  Hard thing to accomplish for a young man whose first love is electronics ... video games specifically ... which he also got from Melanie.

Okay ... so even with all these special events going on ... I've been focusing on some creative endeavours ...because welllll ... when the ideas hit ... ya just gotta go with the flow!

I pieced another CQ Heart ... because I have plans for a new project themed with it.  And ... right out of left field came another project that has consumed me ... a small purse that I'm calling a Go Bag ... the kind of  thing that will accomodate just the bare essentials ... wallet, phone & keys.  Base is denim ... with the outer flap worked in Faux CQ ... seam work done on a solid base.  Some pics will help to visualize ... when I get to that stage.

And then there's my day job ... which is becoming more intense with  Christmas on the horizon!  Yup ... sales are up ... and that's a good thing!

More soon!

Ciao for now!

Hugs ... Marie

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