Tuesday, November 1, 2011

FLU ... Ewww

It's been a long time since I've had the flu ... sure ... the odd cold here & there ... but the past few days ... OMG!  Wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy!!!

It started Saturday ... and got worse as the day progressed.  I had already planned to have a few more vacation days (in lieu of Friday & Saturday I had to cover because of scheduling conflicts) ... I just hadn't quite planned to spend them in horizontal misery!  Didn't even make it through my whole shift ... didn't care ... just had to go lie down!

Nausea ... dizziness ... headache ... stabbing flu pains ... but worst was a dry hacking cough that wouldn't stop & left me feeling like I'd been beaten ... couldn't sleep ... then the coughing turned painful ... like my lungs were on fire ... ooowwww.

That was enough!  Headed out in search of brandy ... which I have found works better for chest congestion than any damned cough medicine!  It's that warming sensation that radiates all the way down ... and the alcohol's sedative effect turns off the cough trigger ... and I'm sure it wipes out some germs along the way!

While I'm still feeling a bit rubbery ... the worst is over ... the brandy did get rid of that nasty hack ... still the odd one now, but not painful like yesterday.  Keeping my diet light ... soup, eggs, toast ... the thought of anything heavier just not appealing at all.

To top it off ... this was the first time ever that I didn't do Halloween treats ... I felt bad about that ... but felt worse period.  Mel had to work until 6:30 ... and called to see if I had picked up any candy.  No ... I said ... but feel free to grab some if you feel like doing Shell Out ... so a bit later she arrived with several boxes of treats ... got some tea lights for two plastic Jack O Lanterns and set up outside to hand out treats!  She only had two kids come to the door!  Awwwe!

I'm thinking that she missed the bulk of the traffic the hour or so before ... and with Halloween on a school night ... they were done early.  Gotta give her A for effort!


Pat Winter said...

Oh Marie, I sure do feel for you. I just had the worse week of my life with a tooth problem, I know you must be in the same boat. When will they invent a pill that actually prevents all aches and pains? Now that is one I would happily buy! Take care, rest and heal.
Gentle hugs,

Gwen Buchanan said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather...Feel better soon..

I'll try to remember the Brandy remedy..

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Good to hear you sound like you are on the mend and over the worst of it. Take care & get well!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Pat ... I did read your post about your recent tooth agony ... and I sympathize right back. I could especially identify with your comment about it being worse pain than childbirth ... been there ... felt that and pretty much made the same comparison!

Isn't it odd how hospitals prioritize cases based on critical need but pharmacies don't? I so felt your pain waiting to get to those meds!

Hugs back!

Gwen ... thanks! I'm getting back to some sense of normality ... but feeling about ... mmm ... 65% there. I do have to return to duty tomorrow afternoon ... so hoping to be at least 80% by then ... and praying there isn't too much crap I'll have to deal with.

The place seems to fall apart when I'm away ... makes the time off seem less than satisfactory ... but ... bead therapy makes me forget all that until I have to face it again.

Brsndy ... it has marked it medicinal place over history ... and rightfully so. I neglected to mention that it was followed with a chaser of hot Orange Pekoe ... though mixing the two directly would have prime ... Hot Toddies are duly noted for their ability to fix what ails a body!

Hugs ... Marie

Marie Alton said...

Hi Kerry ... thanks ... I have to admit thst I'm actually supposed to be at work right now ... I did try ... and made it through a whole 4 hours ,,, but just wasn't quite up to facing the remaineder of the day. Fortunately my backup team was already in place which afforded me the ability to do what I should have ... namely to come home & get more rest.

The place will still be there tomorrow in spite of my absence ... so a few more hours to heal I'll be glad for!

Tomorrow ... we'll see! If I have to call up the reserves ... then so be it ... but am hoping to get bsck on track all the same.

Being sick sure sucks ...but worse is all the more crap I have to deal with when I get back! Yup ...some days it just sucks to be me! But this too shall pass ... once life returns to normal.

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